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Thursday, September 12, 2013

MIA No More! :))

Happy Friday Eve!

I'm so very sorry for being MIA the past several weeks!  I'm back to work at school and my husband's travel demands for his job have significantly increased; of course, at the very beginning of the new school year!! Grr!!  Anyway, that coupled with my baby getting a spider bite and following off the toilet on the first day/night of all days while the hubby was out of town.  After a super long ER visit into the wee hours of the early morning our baby got the medicine and help she needed to get better.  Did I mention that the craziness referenced above happened on the. first. day. of. school???!!  Oh, and guess who had a  substitute teacher on the 2nd day of school??  Yep, you guessed it!  ME!!  Who does that???  Well, apparently I do!!  Anyway, now I'm finally starting to get caught up on life and school so I can blog regularly again. :))

All of that being said, I've posted below some pictures of my classroom now that I'm in full swing of the new year.  I also took a video of my class and will upload it hopefully this weekend for anyone interested to view.  The beginning of last year was a nightmare for a lack of better words CHAOTIC!!  I went from being a Kindergarten teacher to a 5th grade teacher in a blink of an eye.  I didn't like the teacher I was for the first few months of school.  I LOVED who I became as a 5th grade teacher as the year went on.  This new school year is essentially my "do over" time to be the teacher I want to be for my kiddos.  Several things are new to my class this year, but it's already making a difference!  Let me know your thoughts.  I sure enjoy looking at all of the fabulous classrooms out there!  Thank you so much for following my blog!  I'm so very thankful for you, your blogs, comments, and ideas shared!  Have a wonderful and restful Friday!
Our class pledge we say every morning after the pledge of allegiance.  The hands are made from my kiddos because they pledge to be their best each day.

This is our class data board.  It now has more data points and the children enjoy analyzing how we're doing currently with things.

Student work display with the "I AM" collage hanging.

One of my favorite quotes we read each day at dismissal from the famous Dr. Seuss.

Our writing "nook" the word wall has popcorn hanging where the words and definitions hang.  The word wall has our wordly wise vocabulary words and is portable.

A view of my class from the back of the classroom

I'm loving all of my truffula trees added this year.  The calender was new also from Michaels.

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