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Monday, April 6, 2015

Must Have Monday!

Happy Spring Break from beautiful North Carolina!

Thank goodness this week is finally here because I. AM. EXHAUSTED.  Being the mom of a very active toddler girl, coupled with a husband who travels weekly, makes me one tired lady!  I don't know about you, but I was definitely more excited about this week than my students!  We need the break to recharge and get ready for state testing season my least favorite time of year!  My last post was sharing my experiences with Tieks!  Update~ I'm still loving the mustard yellow beauties!  I can't get enough of them!  I hope you've had an opportunity to explore the possibility of owning a pair! EEK!  I forgot to mention my review is on Tiek's website!  SO EXCITED!!  How cool?!  Any who, the Tieks post got me thinking about all the other favorites I have; therefore, inspiring this post.  I don't know about you, but I get some of the best products and ideas by searching the internet and social media sites.  I discover things I wouldn't know existed otherwise.  My hubby will tell you I need to keep a job and stay off the internet to keep my shopping appetite supressed!  I disagree! Knowledge is power and I love learning about new things! 

For the classroom:

You can grab this all in one stamp at Walmart for around $4!  I take this baby everywhere, because it has everything I need in one small stacking tower.  I use the 'Terrific' stamp for 100% work.  I use the 'Great Job' stamp for 90%-99% work.  I use the 'Sign and Return' for student work below 80%.  This little gem is a space saver!

For Snacking:

This bag of deliciousness is definitely a favorite!  You can grab them at Publix in the produce department.  They provide just enough sweet, heat, and crunch to curb any snack attacks between meals!  They go for around $5, but are totally worth it to keep you on track!

Running/Working Out:

Lululemon anyone?!  I really enjoy this store and treat myself to one new 'something' a month.  In the picture are actually two new 'somethings', but the norm is one a month.  The black hat is perfect for outdoor running.  It's light weight and breathable.  The fabric will not fade!  If it does, take it back and they will replace it for you.  The hat runs around $30 something dollars and the tank goes for $40 something.  The tank is amazing for the gym, yoga, or running.  It's also long, breathable, and comfy for any exercising you participate in.

Thanks so much for checking out my Monday Must Haves!  I hope to create a linky in the next few weeks to have other bloggers share some of the must haves!  Until next time.....