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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Few "Must Haves" on a Tuesday Afternoon!

Happy Tuesday!

If you haven't noticed, a few things have changed since I last blogged.  First and foremost is my blog re-brand!  I had to take a break from blogging to think about what I wanted my blog redesign to look like.  I'm thankful for the break, because I couldn't be happier with the end result!  I'm loving it from Blogs Fit For a Queen!  They are fabulous to work with and super prompt with designing blogs!  If you need a blog makeover, these are the ladies for you!

Secondly, I recently discovered an incredibly stylish, comfy, and chic flat for the teacher or mom on the go!  The bonus is...they are affordable too!!!  If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you've heard me mention the Ja-Vie flats!  They are fabulous and super comfy!  I chose the Shimmering Gold for my first pair and couldn't be happier with them.  I followed the sizing suggestions and had to go up a size for the flats, but they fit perfectly.  From the first time I wore them, they felt like an old and fun favorite!  I've worn them around town, to church, and playing around the neighborhood with little nugget.  I get the best compliments on my sparkling beauties where ever we go!  When asked why Ja-Vie, I'm torn with the best feature to share.  Could it be the sparkles, no breaking in, washable, functional, or affordability?!  All are fabulous in my books!
how the shoes arrived

unwrapped and ready to wear

so incredibly comfy...like you just have a pair of socks on

slip proof bottoms for school life or store shopping

Now, you may be wondering how I discovered Ja-Vie.  Well, here's the story.  While surfing Facebook one afternoon while my nugget napped, I stumbled across a sponsored posting in my newsfeed about Ja-Vie flats.  Intrigued about the shoe, I decided to like their page and learn more! That's when the magic happened! They were having a summer giveaway contest!  Obviously I entered and shockingly I won!!!  Three new pairs of Ja-Vie flats!!!  I NEVER win contests; I mean EVER!  This was a shock and such an awesome surprise!  The fabulous part is that I got to choose which three pairs I wanted.  Then, the tough part came about as to which pairs to choose.  There are so many I want, but had to hold myself back...for NOW! ;)  I chose the True Red, Shimmering Black Lurex, and the Shimmering Gold!

Now, to celebrate my blog rebrand and the fabulousness of Ja-Vie flats I will be doing my first ever blog giveaway! I will have more details on Monday, July 6th!  Make sure to check back then!  I will; however, leave you with a FUN hint as to the BIG prize in my giveaway.