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Monday, February 1, 2016

Classroom Teacher Supplies Sharpener Review!

Happy Monday!

I'm FINALLY back after a crazy two weeks of surgery AND jury duty!  If you know anything about anything, than you know being out of the classroom is absolute TORTURE!  Yikes!  The paperwork and catching up I have ahead of me!  I will say one huge sanity saver has been our new pencil sharpener compliments of Classroom Friendly Supplies.  Click here to check out the awesomeness!
Now to share our experiences with the sharpener that EVERY teacher should have in the classroom. First, it's purple!  How can you not like a purple pencil sharpener?!  Next, it's a fun design and pleasing to the eyes.  Again, how can you not resist?!  If the aesthetic features aren't enough to convince you, than how about the functionality of the sharpener??

Isn't she beautiful?!

THE pencils are AMAZING and sharp...like dangerously sharp!!  My students get two sharp pencils every morning to start the day.  The pencils are so sharp they actually keep up with my students all day long!  This was INCREDIBLE to watch in action.  To translate in teacher language...the students were not up wondering around to get a pencil!  I also didn't have to listen to the nerve grinding electric option we had before.  Can you say WINNING?!

Several people have asked on my IG account about student use, so I put the question to the test. What I found is for my particular group of 2nd graders, it is NOT kid friendly and becomes a nightmare to get broken points out of the sharpener.  I want to stress it is NOT kid friendly with MY group of kids; however, a colleague down the hall in 3rd grade doesn't seem to have ANY issues with her students using the sharpener.  I guess it really depends on the grade level and group of students in the classroom to see if it's rough and tough enough to hang in there for a school year or beyond.  That being said, it seriously takes only 5 minutes to sharpen a bucket full of pencils each morning, so for me it's worth it to spend 5 minutes of my time getting the pencils ready for the day.

Don't you think the pencil tips are absolutely beautiful??
Another question asked on my IG account was about the noise level.  Is it truly the quietest pencil sharpener ever??  My honest answer is...I'm unsure.  Is it more quiet than the electric option? Yes! Most definitely YES!  To me it sounds like any other crank sharpener; however, it's cuter and more efficient with the sharpening.  You can choose to mount it or move it around the room, take it home for the weekend, or pass it across the hall to share the love with another teacher.  So many options!!!

The final question asked to me was about the dreaded dollar store pencils.  You know, the ones that don't ever seem to sharpen and then unravel...becoming a huge distraction and teacher annoyance?? Well my friends I'm happy to report the sharpener was up for the challenge and does not discriminate against any pencils.  

The dollar store pencils can't bring down the best pencil sharpener ever!

So, basically what I'm saying is...EVERY. SINGLE. TEACHER. could benefit from purchasing one of these fabulous pencil sharpeners.  The past month has been bliss not listening to the electric sharpener.  Feel free to check out this video to learn more about the Best Pencil Sharpener Ever! Comment below if you purchase one and share your thoughts.  Until next time my friends.....