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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another CRAFT (version of CAFE) freebie!

Happy Tuesday Night!

I have another freebie just for you if using the CRAFT version of CAFE.  You can learn more about CRAFT by visiting Ladybug's Teacher Files.  This printable is the CAFE menu printable from the sisters with the modifications/adaptations created by Ladybug's Teacher Files.  NONE of this is my own thinking!!  I simply took the material from the CAFE menu and additions from Ms. Ladybug and put it in a colorful menu with a Dr. Seuss font.  

This is what will be in my "Pensieve" as well as my student's reading journals for them to date/highlight strategies like CAFE suggests for upper elementary students.  I hope you can use it!  There are 2 versions.  The first version is a one page printable for the "Pensieve" for each student/tab.  The second version has two of the same page so you can print them 2 to a page to make the menu smaller if gluing in a composition book.  You can collect yours by clicking on which one/ones you prefer (1 page or 2 pages).  I hope you find these of use!  This is my first week back to school and am super busy with everything the new school year brings.  I will be back in touch hopefully this weekend. ;)  Have a fantastic week in the classroom or on summer break!  


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