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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy Saturday With a Back to School Freebie

Freebie Fridays

Happy Saturday!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to post anything yesterday for the Friday Freebies link up at Teaching Blog Addict.  FORTUNATELY, I am able to link up my Freebie today of all days!  Thanks TBA for letting us link up all weekend long!  

Last night I was trying to brainstorm an inexpensive way to give my new kiddos a fun back to school snack for the first day of school.  In year's past I would do a cute little poem with objects in a baggie and what they all mean.  I've loved doing this, but decided I wanted to do something cheaper different this year.  Also, my hubby gets frustrated this time of year with all of the back to school costs for the classroom, me, and our little girl.  Last night I brainstormed and created my solution and everyone wins. :)  Some of the words are borrowed from Dr. Seuss.  Other words are from my brain.  The final line is from Pinterest to go with the Lucky Charms Cereal in the snack bag.  I'm thinking I will use snack size Ziploc bags to put the cereal in.  The card will be stapled at the top of the bag where you close it.  The cards will also be printed in color to make it more eye appealing.  I chose the Dr. Seuss language because like I've mentioned in previous posts, my classroom is a combination theme of Dr. Seuss and technology.  The words from Dr. Seuss only seemed appropriate.  :)

You can download your free copy here.  There are two versions you can choose from.  A picture of the file is below!  The file will not look right until you download it onto your computer.  Google Drive distorts the file in their format.  The download is in PowerPoint and all you have to do is plug in your name and school.  I'm leaning towards the option on the right side of the screen to use this year.  Let me know if you use it or have any other inexpensive back to school gifts you use for new students.


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