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Sunday, August 11, 2013

American Revolution Anyone?

American Revolution Linky

Happy Sunday!

I'm linking up with Fifth in the Middle to share something I created to use this year to teach/explore Social Studies  Go by and check out the other great ideas that are linking up to get us ready to tackle the new school year in SS.

My creation/contribution to the linky party is a WebQuest about the causes of the American Revolution.  I LOVE using WebQuests in the classroom!  There isn't enough time in the day to teach everything and using a WebQuest as a workstation during Readers Workshop is how I integrate SS in the classroom.  If you haven't checked out Zunal, you should!  I love going there and checking out all of the fabulous and FREE resources created by hardworking teachers like yourself. :)

The only delta about using a WebQuest off of Zunal is that you are unable to customize it to meet exactly what you're wanting to do!  My creation solves that problem!  What I did was surf the site and found several WebQuests I liked and then pulled what I liked about each one of them and created my own WebQuest with my additions to the project as well such as thinking maps, evidence based questions, and student creations. :))  

I also have a Science WebQuest I created on Zunal, but they only let you create one for free and then you have to pay to use their site to create any more.  Like I've mentioned in other posts, I don't like paying for things that I can create myself (time allowing) or can tweak to make a free version.  I went to PB Works and created a FREE wiki to host ALL of my WebQuests I will make/use this year.  

Here is a screen shot of my site and what you will see when you click on page 1 of the folder

Thanks for hanging in there with me!  You can find my American Revolution WebQuest by clicking here.  The right side of the screen under the navigation bar has a folder labeled American Revolution.  Everything you/your students need is right there!  The links are perfect and so are the directions.  I hope you can use it.  Each WebQuest will take my students approximately 1-2 months to complete in a weekly visit to this workstation.  At the end of ALL students completing the WebQuest AND student work product, we will share out student work.  The children really enjoy presenting their newly found information and I enjoy hearing/reading what my students learned from student directed learning. If you pin it or use it, please let me know your feedback.  I'm always looking for ways to improve my craft! 


  1. Thanks for linking up! I hope we get a good collection of ideas!!

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. Wow! I just discovered your site. I love your Revolutionary War Web Quest!

    1. Thank you so very much! I"m glad you found my site! Keep in touch for sure! Happy Holidays!

      ~Amanda :))))


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