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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Place Value

I'm back!  Yep, that's right!  I'm actually posting a few times this week.  It's my personal goal to get this blog out there in the teaching world and watch it grow! Thank you to all of my followers and people that have stopped by to check out this page. :-)  Now, on to place value....

A few posts ago I mentioned having things to share and this place value tree is one that was very successful for me in the fall.  In 5th grade there is a big focus on place value including word and expanded form.  I decided once again to get inspired from my K-2 crafts and apply what I've done before to the new content of 5th grade and VOILA!  The place value tree was born!!!  Basically, at the end of our place value study I had the children choose any number they wanted...the bigger the better!  On one leaf they wrote the number in standard form and underlined any one digit they wanted.  On the next leaf they wrote out the place value of the underlined digit.  A third leaf had the number in expanded notation.  Finally the fourth leaf had the number written in word form.  I did the tree and colored leaves because it was fall.  If you wanted to do this in the spring I recommend doing a flower and putting the information from the leaves on each petal of the flower.  I have tracers for both.  If you would like either one please leave a comment with your contact information.  I hope this helps!  

I would love to know what crafty things do you like to do in the upper grades?


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