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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Oh, What a Week...Post SNOW DAY Craftivity Freebie

Happy Saturday Night!

Oh what a week!!  Thankfully, the snow has passed and we were able to go to school all five days this week.  Of course, the first thing on the minds of children was if they would have to make up the days.  I knew this would be the case, so I was prepared for the busy minds!  Prior to returning to school I found the cutest craft for winter from A Year of Many Firsts, but knew I would need an upper grade twist. After brainstorming with my team we came up with an opinion writing response to fit the craft perfectly. The long and short of it...our kids had a fabulous time crafting, organizing, and writing opinion paragraphs stating whether they should have a snow day or a delay on the school day. The thinking maps and writing piece was stapled to the bottom of the craft and hung in the hall for all to see.  You can grab your free copy of the writing prompt by clicking the picture below.  Thinking ahead to Spring...What craftivities do you do with your upper grade students?  Until next time...

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