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Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekly Common Core Spiraling Review Freebie in one download!

Happy Monday almost Tuesday!

I've been truly enjoying summer break and have been slack on all things school related!  I LOVE being a teacher, but really think I needed a mental break for a few weeks before considering looking at anything school related!  Over the past couple of weeks I've been a workout machine, pool regular, Pinterest chef/baker, and household organizing fanatic!  While doing everything mentioned above, I've been enjoying our little nugget and ALL the extra time I get with her in the summer months!  There's still tons to do and play dates to host; however, I'm ready to look at and think about school again a few days a week!  

Several people have requested the morning work spiraling review be located in one central spot for an easier download....your wishes are my command! ;)  You can download weeks 1-12 by clicking the picture below.  I don't have past week 12 because I ran out of time this past year.  I'm also not sure how I plan to use them this upcoming year or if I want to try something a little different...more to come on this!  Leave a comment if you like my work or have suggestions for other items you would like to see. Until next time....

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