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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Point of View Foldable

Happy Thursday Night!

I've been wanting to share this with you for quite some time; however, there is never enough time in the day...until today that is!  Below are pictures of a point of view foldable we made in our class.  Every week with our Shared Reading I ask students to identify the point of view the passage is being told from and defend their answers using evidence from the text.  

I've used notes, thinking maps, and graphic organizers in the past to drive home the abstract idea of point of view and nothing has worked until now.  This foldable has been the most valuable tool my kids have used to help solidify understanding of point of view.  I don't have a printable of the inserts.  I make my students do their own writing to have more accountability in the information.  I hope you can use this idea with your class.  Comment if you need a better close up of the information to put inside the foldable.  Happy almost Friday!

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