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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Back to School Suggested Read Alouds

Ok, so I'm not sure if anyone else is already thinking about August, but I am.  Most importantly I've reflected on what I did this year so I can refine my craft for this next school year.  One of the most important and fun parts of the beginning of the year are the read alouds selected for the children.  I've noticed in my school this is the one area that has yet to be vertically aligned.  I sent my thoughts to our principal and she thought it would be a good idea as well.  More information to be shared as it becomes available.  Until then, check out this list of appropriate K-5 books broken down by grade level.  Lets collaborate and keep things fresh for our students by not repeating the same back to school stories in multiple grade levels.  There is more than enough titles to go around K-5.  Check the list out here.

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