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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Classroom Management

This Year in Kindergarten

I've taught K-2 now and have learned how to adapt my classroom management to meet the different grade level needs.  I love Dr. Seuss and my classroom is heavily decorated with Dr. Seuss.  This year I changed the card system to look like little cat in the hats.  When a student turns a card, they change the color of bow tie the cat is wearing.  Every color is another "oops" moment.  The basic principles are the same, but it's cuter this year.  In Kindergarten if a student has to turn a card they take a time out.  In first grade if a student has to turn a card they complete an "Oops" slip colored coded to match the color of the card turned.  I stapled the "Oops" slip into the planner and the parents return it signed the following school day.  As a second grade teacher we did the same thing, but had a more in depth reflection piece.  The reflection documents for second grade were purchased at www.teachersclubhouse.com.  In every grade we always begin the year discussing how to fill our buckets.  I spend several weeks on the concept and we give each other "warm fuzzies" to fill our buckets everyday for being a good friend, following directions, and doing the right thing when nobody is looking.  If a student has to turn a card, we say they are getting a "cold prickly", and we need to brainstorm ways to get the "warm fuzzies" back.  I'm sure you've heard of the series for filling buckets, but if not check them out Have-You-Filled-Bucket-Today and How Full is Your Bucket?.  Resources are available to help with the bucket filling at http://www.bucketfillers101.com.  Finally, all of the slips are available by clicking the name below.  It's worked great in my room and I hope you can use them as well. :-)

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