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About Me

Thanks for checking out my blog!  My name is Amanda and I'm a 30 something gal trying to get it all in!  I'm currently training for the NYC Marathon 2018, OKC Marathon 2019, and fingers crossed London Marathon 2019.  It's such a privilege to be selected to run the NYC Marathon this fall!  #bucketlist Exercise and long distance running is a huge part of my life!  Without daily exercise I feel anxious to tackle the day!  I NEED the daily activity to be the best version of myself for all who count on me.  I enjoy all things DIY, baking yummy treats for the house, cooking Pinterest worthy meals 5/7 nights a week, and reading professional books to stay current in my teaching craft.  People who know me best might even refer to me as a NERD!  I LOVE serving the lord wherever I'm called.  Fashion and home decor shopping is fun for me!  I also enjoy representing and promoting brands I truly believe in.

I have a Master's Degree in Elementary Education from UNC Charlotte and an Undergraduate Degree in Political Science with a Minor in English from the University of North Florida.

Currently I'm an Academic Coach at a local private school working with children K-10.  I'm loving the opportunity to work with all the different ages.  It's fun to see where they start and what will be coming their way.  I also have the privilege of being a mommy of two little miracles as well as the wife of a hardworking and super handy engineer.

I've been a classroom teacher in grades K-2 as well as 5th!  I've taught in a large urban district, start up charter school, as well as a small rural district.  I've also taught in a 1:1 Apple environment where I learned so much from the kiddos!  I believe EVERY experience is valuable.  Experiences are either a blessing or a lesson; either way help us to be better.


  1. I enjoyed your calculator task cards. I would love to translate for my use in the classroom.

    1. Hi Evelia,

      Can you be more specific and I would be happy to help you. :)


I love your comments! Thanks for taking the time! :)))