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Friday, September 4, 2015

There's No Tired Like a Teacher Tired After the First Two Weeks of School!!!

Oh my!  I. CAN. NOT. believe it's almost been a month since I last blogged!!  Where has the time gone?!  The long and short of it is I. AM. TIRED!!!  I love my new school, but holy moly am I busy these days.  I thank you for hanging in there with me during this transitional time.

So, I have had several people reach out asking me why I decided to go back to the classroom after announcing I would stay home this year.  Basically, an opportunity I couldn't resist presented itself in the most amazing school in the most fabulous grade and I couldn't turn it down.  My new school is part of a school system referenced as the best school district in the country and it's definitely living up to the article title.  You can read about it by clicking here.  Little did I know this unplanned game changer was actually God at work in our lives.  This past Tuesday, my husband found out his race organization would be closing down at the end of the season.  That means my hubs will not have a job after November 22nd!  This has been core rocking for our family; however, we believe that if God takes you to something, he will bring you through it stronger than before.  I believe in worrying little and praying as much as possible.  So that's why I'm back in the classroom after a summer break instead of taking a few years off to spend more time with my little nugget.  If moms need to work, a teacher gig is where it's at!  I also believe teaching is my calling and I love every. single. day. of it! Even the poopy, not so fun days.

Soooo....that being said, I have some 5th grade/upper elementary items I would like to pass on to a fabulous follower or two.  I can't sell the materials because I didn't create the passages, but I can give them away for free because I did create the majority of the comprehension questions to go along with the passages.  The questions are aligned to 5th grade common core objectives, but could be tailored to better fit your specific grade level objectives.  The binder contains themed shared reading passages and comprehension questions that could be used for a weekly assessment aligned to the common core (binder not included).  I taught in theme because it was important to me to teach the bigger kids in a fun way with grade level appropriate content.  Just because they are big doesn't mean learning shouldn't be themed and fun! :)

If you want to read about and grab the freebie on a fabulous systematic way to execute shared reading in an upper elementary classroom, you need to check out the brains behind my binder cover title by clicking here.  You can enter the contest by completing the raffle copter below.  Good Luck!  Until next time.... a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I am one of your newer followers! I am also a fifth grade teacher and I am always looking for better ways to teach reading! I love to read, but teaching it...not so much!

    1. Fun! I'm glad you're here and congrats on winning the passages! I hope to get them out to you in the next few days! Teaching reading is fun for me and would definitely pass on math and science, but I guess that's what keeps the world interesting. Please keep me posted when you receive the passages and let me now what you think. If you have questions about any of them I would love to help you out as well! Happy short week to you! :)))

  2. You have a great attitude towards this transitional period. Good for you!! And you're so right about the first 2 weeks, why is it unavoidable?

    1. Thanks lady! I'm slowly getting my groove back! ;) I hope you're doing well and into a fabulous groove. Thank goodness the first two weeks are in the books and after this week an entire first quarter is also in the books!:))


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