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Monday, May 18, 2015

Must Have Monday Linky Party

Happy Monday ya'll!

This is my first attempt at a linky party, so hang in there with me as I attempt the unknown. :)

Must Have Snack:

As teachers we are always on the go and some times food is at the bottom of our priority list when progress reports and report card season approaches.  This BBQ flavored Kind bar is delicious and can be found at Target.  It's totally a must have when needing to grade papers at lunch, but feel like you ate something. ;)

Must Have Accessory:
I'm loving my Applewatch and highly recommend it to any and all!  I've compared it to my Garmin, Polar, and fitness apps and it's a no brainer!  The Applewatch is perfect for the on the go teacher, mom, or fitness junkie.  It does EVERYTHING folks and it's always fun to have something that's new and techy, right?!

Must Have for the Classroom:

If you teach grades 3-5 you need this book in your teacher collection.  Like I've mentioned previously, I use the Vanguard Classroom Economy management system to teach economics while managing student behavior.  This book is a fun way to explain taxes to students and show how/where the money goes without getting too political in the process.   

I wold love to have you post your must haves by linking up with me!  I think we learn best from each other; if you're anything like me, you always enjoy seeing a new idea or product to try!  Feel free to link up below with any must haves you recommend.  Happy Monday!  Until next time....

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