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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy Saturday! 5.OA.1 Freebie :)))

Happy Saturday!
Freebie Fridays

I bring you a freebie for 5.OA.1 inspired by our student teacher and team member at my school.  It's an active engagement student response card.  Basically, you print out the paper, glue to card stock, and laminate.  You make one for each student and give them a clothespin to use.  When you're ready to use, write a numerical expression on your white/SMART board and ask students to put their clip on which item they due first to solve.  Obviously, make sure you write 5.OA.1 order of operation style problems on the board.  Students then show their cards.  Repeat the steps above to work through the entire problem or to use with each new problem you write on the board.  Another way I've used them is to help guide students through solving each problem.  I ask them to show me which operation they should do next on every step.  I hope you're able to use it!  The graphics were from mycutegraphics.com.  Click on the picture to grab your free copy!  

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