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Friday, August 2, 2013

August Currently and a Freebie-Morning Work Volume 2

Happy Friday Night!  I'm so happy to link up with Farley over at oh boy 4th grade for a long over due currently!  I can't believe August is here ALREADY!  It doesn't seem possible for summer to be coming to an end so soon. :(

Listening~My husband is obsessed with the Show 'Shameless' and we watch a few episodes at night after the baby goes to sleep.  I can't just watch TV.  I have to be doing something else....maybe ADD?!  I'm not sure, but I just cant sit and watch TV unless it's Grey's Anatomy.

Loving~ Our new back to school purchases!  It's tax free weekend here in NC and what a fantastic excuse to go shopping!  I went to Kohls this afternoon and got 3 new dresses, 2 fall outfits for our baby, 2 new 'right now' baby outfits, and a bridal shower gift for a grand total of $117!!!  I had so many coupons and things were on sale!  I love a great deal!

Thinking~When school is ending it seems like you have all the time in the world during the summer months to conquer the moon!  Clearly, I spent the majority of my time with  our baby, hubby, and friends.   The summer list may just turn into a Fall list.  I've accomplished some of the items on each list, just not as much as I thought!  Oh Well!!

Wanting~More time off of work!  I love the time I get with our little girl in the summers.  We go to the pool, gym, play dates, strolling dates, lunches, and just play!  I just wish we could have this life ALL. THE. TIME.!  She's 19 1/2 months old and so much fun to be with!  

Needing~I need to finish my Social Studies WebQuests BEFORE I go back to work because I will be working on my National Board Certification this school year.  The more leg work I can get done now, the better it will be this school year.  

B2s~  The first must have is new clothes!  ALL of my B2s memories involve new clothes and I couldn't imagine starting the school year any other way!  The second must have are new markers and pens.  I LOVE  Mr. Sketch markers, Sharpies, and ANY fun/colorful pen!  I'm not particular with the pens because I LOVE all pens!  My final B2S item is new Seuss decorations for the classroom.  I can't afford to do everything at once so I add a little to the classroom each year!  This year's additions are the Truffula Trees, painted shelves, calender, and chalk board table.

Thanks for hanging in there with me and now my newest freebie!  It's the second issue of my morning work freebie.  You can grab yours by clicking here.  There will be a total of 40 issues of this (1 for each week of the school year) so come back next week to get the 3rd issue.  Until next time!!

Freebie Fridays

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