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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Latest Creation with Pinterest Inspiration

Hello from the beach and Happy Tuesday!  I'm at the beach with the family this week.  We are having a fantastic time here at Isle of Palms, SC.  We are here for the week and enjoying every minute of our family time.  Below is a picture of us from yesterday.  :))
I woke up this morning to some really sweet comments on my blog.  I love starting the day with positive news and feedback. I am blessed with a few new followers as well as a nomination for the Liebster Blog Award!  Thanks so much to Kris at http://thepoolepages.blogspot.com for the nomination.  Go check out her cute and super creative blog featuring a back to school freebie!  :))

This is such an awesome compliment and unexpected surprise!!   I will talk more about this nomination tomorrow while the baby naps as well as share my answers to questions and my nominees for the award.

Ok, sooooo my newest creation...  
Background Info~Every night I like to relax on the iPad searching Pinterest.  I really enjoy getting ideas for my classroom, family, and home.  During one of my nightly searches I stumbled across a cute idea for a decoration and treat for students using Dum Dum suckers.  I wasn't completely sold on the idea because I wasn't sure a small sucker would ignite interest in a 5th grader.  I pinned the idea and then marinated for a little while on how I could use it in a 5th grade classroom.  At last I was able to take the idea and kick it up a notch for 5th grade.  Below are pictures of my creation.

Below:  the additional prize color coded at the bottom of the sucker sticks

Below:  the suckers with colored sticks that are referenced above (used 160 suckers)

Below:  Hobby Lobby purchase of styrofoam sphere and metal pail

Below:  sucker bouquet started (I just set the sphere in the pail...no glue needed)

Below:  my final creation :)

Basically, if a child gets to pick a sucker from the bouquet as a reward they get an additional prize that is colored on the bottom of the sucker stick.  All I have of to do is put a chalk board label on the pail put the color code prize chart somewhere on the pail, and title the bouquet.  I would love any suggestions for titling this bouquet...haven't figured this part out yet.  

I need to go to bed now because we have a busy morning in Charleston with shopping, a Civil War carriage tour, and a yummy lunch all BEFORE the baby takes her nap!!  Thanks for tuning in.  Have a great week and check back tomorrow for my nominations of the Liebster award.  :)))




  1. Cute! BTW, it's "pail" (unless the color is really, really light and pale) but the idea is adorable. :)Love the chalkboard labels too!!

    1. Clearly I'm tired and need to sleep! Thanks for the spell check. :)))

  2. I think you should call it 'A Lolla-Lee-Lou For You'(Lolla made me think of lolli-pop). Seuss inspired!!! I guess Lolla-Lee-Lou is a Seuss character in the book 'Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories'. I found it on a website and thought it fit this perfectly. I love that you added the colored end and an additional reward...that'll definitely make it appealing to the 'big' kids!

    1. Sold!! Love the name! Thanks for the inspiration!


I love your comments! Thanks for taking the time! :)))