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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy Tuesday and a Blogiversary!

The Teacher Wife

Happy Tuesday Morning!  I've already been to the gym and am now doing a few things around the house before the baby wakes up.  We are so blessed to have such an awesome sleeping girl!

While doing my daily blog stalking I stumbled across a way to share an awesome give away happening over at The Sweetest Thing.  There's only a day and some hours before she gives away some pretty fantastic things to celebrate her blogiversary.  Stop by and check out her blog.  She also has some great products for sale in her TPT store.

I think that's all I really wanted to say this morning.  I guess I will go and get things ready for the pool today with one of my team members.  Have a fantastic Tuesday!!



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    1. No problem! I'm so excited about youproducts. You're a very talented blogger! :)


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