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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blog Reflections and a New Blog Signature (for real this time)

Happy Almost Friday!

Ok....so I've been thinking about my blog a bunch lately.  Basically, I've decided my blog needed a face lift which sparked the previous post about a new blog signature.  My original blog design is a reflection of me as a K-2 teacher.  I'm now a 5th grade teacher and although I LOVE Dr. Seuss, maybe my blog should reflect me as a person and the upper grades.  My classroom is still very much Dr. Seuss (and will remain) with a twist of technology to appeal to my bigger kids of 5th grade.

So....I've been blog stalking lots of fun blogs I follow and researching different blog templates.  What I found is that I am not willing to pay for a blog background.  I think it's fabulous everyone out there who has spent money on their blogs, but that's not me.  It would also be a tough sell to my hubby justifying money spent on something that I don't profit from.  It's all I can do to justify to him the time spent on it after the baby goes to bed once or twice a week. ;)

I blog because I like getting ideas from other bloggers and want to share what's going on in my world...not to become a famous blogger or big time seller at TPT.  In fact, in good conscious I will never sell anything I make.  I can't imagine giving it to my team and selling it on the internet.  I also can't imagine selling it to my team and selling it on the internet.  It's not my style and feel as a teaching community we should share what we do and all become stronger/more creative teachers in the process.

After creating freebies this past year, I totally understand why teachers charge; it takes time to create the beautiful products available on TPT.  I do purchase items from TPT, but I have to REALLY like it to spend the money. :) 

Ok, so now I can go to bed.  I'm much happier with my blog design and signature now.  It's a reflection of me and my personality.  Check back tomorrow as I link up with Friday Freebies to share what I'm doing for morning work this year to keep spiraling math, vocabulary, and analogies this school year.

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