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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Metric Review Picture Freebie! CCSS MD.1

Hi All,

I'm back...had a sick baby with the stomach bug from Thursday-Sunday last week.  Now, I think the hubby has what our baby had.  All I can say is, it better stay clear of me!  I've thrown up more this school year than I have my entire life!!  No exaggeration!!  I'm definitely good on anything related to throw up for the next few school years.  
This is a picture of the completed product if students answer all questions accurately and follow the directions.  

Anyway...back on the topic of the freebie.  I had an idea the other night while getting ready for bed.  How about having a fun quick way to assess student knowledge and application of measurement conversions through art?  I was so excited about this idea that I quickly went downstairs to draft this idea.  On Thursday last week my children tested it out for me.  To my delight they had a BLAST!  Basically, I adapted math problems from mathdrills.com for measurement conversion.  Students had to solve the problem and follow the directions for each problem to create a picture.  It was a fun way to practice measurement problems while adding some crayons to the mix.  You can grab your freebie here.  It was super simple, no prep work, and very engaging for the children.  I actually had the children use the iPads to scan the QR code to get to the questions.  They solved the problems on one side of the paper and created the illustrations on the other side of the paper.  The QR codes were fun too, but not required for the task.  Let me know if you want the QR code/directions for the activity.  I have it saved on my school computer and can send it to you if interested.  Please let me know what you think!  Have a great rest of your week!

Cheers!  ~Amanda
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  1. It'd be awesome if you'd post this at the new Math Monday blog hop on Monday! :)


    This is fun!

    1. Thanks so much Cindy! I've posted the link (a day late, but it's all good). Have a great week!

      ~Amanda :)


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