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Saturday, May 18, 2013

5.NF.3 Task Cards Freebie

Happy Saturday!  I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.  Last night I created these task cards to use in the classroom on Monday.  I tried to use the borders, but nothing seemed to cooperate with me late last night.  That being said, they are simple task cards I plan to dress up with colored card stock and of course a laminator!  You can grab your copy here.  I really like the calculator task card recording sheet inspired by Traci Bender over at the benderbunch.  You can grab my version here.  They're labeled calculator task cards; however you could use them without a calculator.  They have QR codes on them, but leave a comment with contact information if you need task cards without QR codes.  After our practice EOG last week I've reflected on things and decided we need lots of practice with calculators!  Our state test is divided into calculator inactive (paper/pencil only) and calculator active (students have the option to use a calculator).  I realized there's no point in having the calculator as a resource unless the children know how to use them.  This week we are going to be calculator maniacs to make sure they are comfortable and ready to use them on the state tests.  I hope you enjoy the task cards and can use them in your classroom.  Have a great weekend! :))

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