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Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm Back with a QR code Fraction Review Freebie-Common Core NF.6 and NF.7!

Hello Everyone!

I'm back with another freebie.  I took the past week off to enjoy our spring break with friends and family.  We didn't do much...just shop, play, and run a 10K!  The 10K was my first ever 10K race and we had so much fun in Charleston, SC.  I'm now continuing my training to run a half marathon at the beginning of summer.  Running has been a much needed way to take a break from the classroom and mommy/wife duties.  If you don't run, I highly recommend you trying it out...you may surprise yourself!
This is after the race while we enjoyed some Starbucks.  I'm the one on the far left. :)

Anyway, on with the freebie-After our last benchmark testing I was a little frustrated with the areas my children weren't as successful as I thought they could be.  My frustration was the inspiration for these short review practice problems using QR codes.  Like I've mentioned in previous posts, my kids LOVE the QR codes!  It's like they crave them!  You can get the QR code slips here for your children to practice.  The directions are on the slips and it's a super quick way to assess who is understanding what.  If you don't have an "i device" but would still like the practice problems you can grab the actual sheets here:  NF6 Sheet, NF7 Sheet, Combination Sheet  The QR slips will take you to the same document, but it's more interactive for the children if they can write on the picture to solve math problems. 
Screen shot of the QR code slips-Three different versions for differentiation or multiple center use.
Screen shot of the recording practice sheet the QR code will take students to.
I would love any suggestions on other ways you have students review math concepts.  I'm new to the testing grades and appreciate any and all suggestions.  Have a fantastic week! 

~Amanda :)))

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