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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another Fabulous Math Freebie...OA.3 QR Code Task Cards

Happy Friday Eve!

This is a picture of the file before you cut them out and glue them as task cards.

Completed Product
I've created another small set of task cards to enrich students when practicing the OA.3 objective in math.  The actual objective is to create expressions; however, why not teach them how to solve for the variable?  I think it will help them be better prepared for the math in middle school.  If you're interested in this freebie, you can download your copy here.  I cut them up, glued them on card stock, laminated the cards, and put them on a ring for students.  The students folded a piece of copy paper into 6 equal boxes.  They numbered each box, solved the expression, and then checked their answers by scanning the QR code.  If you don't have an iPad or way to scan the QR codes, but are interested in the task cards please leave a comment with a way to send the non QR code task cards. I will be happy to send them your way.  I would love any suggestions you guys have for teaching or practicing the OA.3 objective.  Have a great weekend!  :-)

~Amanda :)))
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