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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Needs and Wants Quick Assessment Idea

Back in late Fall our class was learning about needs and wants.  We did several lessons on the concept, but when it came time to assess the children I was short on time.  I decided a whole class T-chart sort was in order.  This way I could assess the children without taking up too much time.  Genius I thought to myself!  Above is a picture of the sort.  I had each child draw two magnetic cards out of a basket and then take turns putting them on either side of the T-chart.  Some children drew two wants, two needs, or one of each.  They came to the chart, placed the cards under the category they thought the item belonged and then explained their thinking to me.  The entire class assessment took about 15 minutes.  I like to mix up assessment styles to better reach all of the children.  I'm not a great test taker; however, I can show and discuss what I know very well.  I think the children are the same way; therefore, assessments need to be varied to reach every learner to find out what they know.  The cards can be downloaded for free here.  Enjoy!

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